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[Pinned] MIA- ESUNA

[Pinned] MIA- ESUNA

Howdy guyz, This is you beloved officer Esuna (lol). I actually cant believe im saying this but, I'll be taking leave.I had some wicked opportunities arise as of lately, and things are going almost too well. The cost however, is ill be traveling t...
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gonna be moving to a new place so until i get internet set up there might be m.i.a this week or it might not even take more then a day :0
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Not Sarcasmic (for a week)

On short vacation to sunny Minot N. Dakota. Prolly won't be able to log into RC and definitely not GW2 til I'm back in less sunny Ohio. I won't be getting any sleep over all the missing laurels. Oh well, got my Spice & Wolf and my iphone to pa...
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Nyamage Daily Adventure

Dungeon Base Games that i foundKritika Online Fighter Online Fighter Online
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Diablo 3 (mostly) stream

Hey guys, just wanted to advertise my new stream. Decided to start streaming some D3 when I wasn't playing Guild Wars 2. Check it out.
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stuff having a sale and they have guild wars with this 25% off code - GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Qcomes out pretty cheap in case anyone wants to tell a friend or wait it could be cheaper later :o Guild Wars 2: Digital Edition (NA)PC ...
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Screenshot Event

Take a screenshot of a scenery in GW2 and write the name of the Map and Area. Or World Boss/Dungeon Boss in their natural habitat. and.... Go. I'll reward the person with the best screenshot imo 5gold. GLPost them Here on this Thread
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I'm out, ty for everything

Not sure if this is the best place to post this...Anyway, as you may or may not have noticed, I don't log on anymore. I lost my hype towards the game around the halloween event, which I found kinda disappointing. Since then I haven't even bothered...
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400/400 Crafting Screenies!

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Good and Bad

well the good thing is I will be moved to assistant manager...the bad is i wont be able to get on much from the crazy schedule which will be getting me to work 6-7 days of the week. plus with me helping around the house on certain days of the week...
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Hey every one it's alkad ummm i've hit a few bumps in the road lately and every thing didn't go as I planed. I've been living at a friends house untill i find a new place to stay ill tell you guys the full story when I'm able to get on raid call.w...
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Why I Can't Play as Much

Yumi’s Schedule5:30a.m Wake up5:30-6:30a.m Shower, change, morning chores6:30a.m. Drive to work7:00am- 5:00pm WORK (10 hours)5:00p.m-6:00pm Leave work, get home, chores(subject to change)6:00-8:00pm Gym/jogging, dinner, more chores (subject to ch...
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Yumi Arts

So, I wanted to show some of the art I had done from a forum I made a while back on a site I go to with some fellow artists. Some are cute, some are funky, and some are scary. But I always like seeing other people's art styles and how they grow th...
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My spamming tune

Well, I've been spamming this song a lot for some days:Ma mamamamamamama mad mad mad
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Fun Topic

If you can travel back in time to any time period and any place you choose, where would you go and why? No you cannot travel into the future and once you've traveled back, you cannot return to the present. Oh and you can bring anything you want as...
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